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Welcome to the Weaver Athletic Association website.  For specific Sport  information, click on the "SPORT" tab, the "Season", "League" and "Teams" about which you are inquiring.  To register online, you must login with an email and password.  You may Edit My Account at any time to update your member information.

We offer the following Youth Sports:

    Football    Cheerleading   Boys Basketball     

    Girls Basketball      Baseball      Field Hockey



Weaver Football Registration is Open!

Weaver football is open to students who live in the following elementary school districts: Weaver, Greenfield, Bon Air, A.M. Davis, Crestwood and

Welcoming- GOOCHLAND!

~Register early for a $10 discount~

Weaver football is an exciting sport to play that teaches important life lessons. When taught and played correctly, it develops desirable qualities such as teamwork, toughness (mental and physical), fairness, and the attitude of never giving up. Coaches will emphasize priority to family and school before pursuing responsibilities associated with football.

Goal: All players learn about the game of football, come to understand the value of teamwork, and most importantly have fun.

Please use your child's age as of August 1, 2019

 cannot turn 8 before 8/1


must be 10 after 8/1 and cannot turn 12 before 8/1


must be 8 after 8/1 and cannot turn 10 before 8/1


must be 12 after 8/1 and cannot turn 14 before 8/1*



* Opportunities for play downs are contingent upon several factors (player size, experience, availability); and decision is made by administrator and coach.

Cost is $155 for FLAG and $180 for MINOR, JUNIOR and SENIORS.

Any questions please contact:

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